12 tips that every driver must follow

Safety tips for new drivers

  1. Always put on your seat belt.
  2. Adjust the rear-view mirrors according to you.
  3. Avoid sudden starts: Do not accelerate too hard from a still position.
  4. Stay calm and focused. Many road accidents can be avoided if the driver is aware of his/her surroundings
  5. Observe your friends & family members – their seating position, steering, how smoothly they press brakes, how frequently they change gears etc.
  6. Ensure that the car is in neutral gear while starting up. It puts an extra load on the clutch plate if the car is started in gear.
  7. Always check your rear-view mirror while braking or turning.
  8. Use the correct indicator before turning. Otherwise, there is no way for the driver behind you to figure out which way you are going to turn.
  9. Obey traffic signals and keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you.
  10. Do not change lanes unless absolutely needed.
  11. Do not use your mobile phone while the car is in motion.
  12. The first 1000 to 1500 Kms are considered as a warm-up period for a new car. Try to maintain the speed to gear change ratio so as not to cross 2000 RPM during the first 1500 Kms of a new car.

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