When should you replace your car tyres

when to change car tyres

Many people are often unaware when their car tyres should be replaced. Below are a few indicators of when it is the right time to change your car tyres.

  1. Wheel Alignment and Balancing do not have the desired effect
    • After getting your car correctly aligned at a mechanic’s, do check if it running in a straight line. If it doesn’t, chances are that your tyres need to be replaced.Keep in mind that axle damage can also lead to these problems. So, get your car checked by a professional mechanic before replacing the tyres.
  2. Tread Depth
    • Take a look at the tread wear indicator to see how much tread depth is left. If, Replace the tyres immediately if the tread depth is less than what it should be, as a lesser depth decreases handling.
  3. Tyre Grip
    • Tyre grip depends on the tread pattern, rubber compound, inflation pressures and correct wheel alignment, good steering linkage. Keeping all these things in mind, if your tyre indicator says its time, change the tyre.

The distance travelled by your car also gives you an estimate on when to replace your tyres. Most tyres last about 40,000 km under ideal conditions, i.e, if they are well maintained and not used too much on rough terrain.


Replace all 4 tyres and keep the best one out of those as a spare.When replacing tyres, it is recommended that you replace all four of them and keep the best one from the old set as spare.


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