What’s the Volkswagen scandal and how it affects Indians

As discovered in a study in the US, Volkswagen had introduced a software in its Type EA 189 engines that enabled them to pass emission tests. But on the road, these cars emitted pollutants up to 40 times above what is allowed. Basically, the software recognizes when a car is being tested and switches on the car’s emission controls. But when the car is on the road, the controls are switched off and this results in increased pollution.


Which cars in India are affected?

In India, Volkswagen sells Polo, Polo GT, Cross Polo, the new Vento sedan, and Jetta. Out of these, the 1.5-litre turbodiesel Polo and the Vento use the Type EA 189 engines.

What happens if my car is affected?

For now, Volkswagen hasn’t clarified if Indian cars have been affected or not. In case they are, Volkswagen may recall these cars to modify the software. As the violation involved enabling emission controls during testing, but turning them off under normal conditions to improve performance, the software update might impair a car’s performance and fuel economy.

Why should I care?

Because if you own a car, Volkswagen or any other, ensuring that it meets emission standards is your responsibility. Indian cities are already amongst the worst polluted cities in the world and if we want to continue living here, it’s up to us to maintain a clean environment.

How can I check if my car is compliant?

You can drive up to your nearest Petrol Pump, most of them have Pollution Check Centers which can give you a Pollution Under Control Certificate. There are over 388 centers for petrol/CNG vehicles and 273 centers for diesel vehicles in Delhi NCR.
You can also give us a missed call at 9717356939 or mail us at fix@carpm.in to get your car checked. While we aren’t authorized by the Govt. to hand out P.U.C certificates (nor will we), we can certainly come over and thoroughly test your car to check its performance. We’ll also give you a detailed report of your car’s overall health, and decode your car’s Check Engine Light if it’s on, all completely FREE!

Do share this with your friends who have a Volkswagen or a badly performing car!


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