5 car accessories that make your life easier

In the age of ever advancing technologies, there are quite a few handy accessories that can make your driving experience a lot more comfortable.

1. Mobile Phone Holder

We spend 2-3 hours daily in our cars and during this time, we invariably have to use our phones, be it for navigation or texting. An inexpensive mobile phone holder can make it a lot more convenient for us to use our phones.

mobile holder

2. First aid kit

You never know when you might need to clean and cover a wound. Having a few simple items in a first-aid kit can keep the early onset of infection at bay. Keep a first aid kit in the trunk of your car, or under the passenger seat.

first aid kit

3. Flashlight

In case you ever face a breakdown on the road, a flashlight can come in handy. Whether for checking the underside of your car or ensuring you aren’t stuck in complete darkness, it’s certainly a useful thing to have.


4. Bluetooth FM modulator

Who wants to spend thousands on new car stereos when spending just a few hundred rupees for a modulator will do the trick. FM modulators are small frequency enhancing devices which transmit music from your ipod, MP3, or other music playing device to the receiver in your car stereo. It works like a small radio station right in your car.

FM modulator

5. Gear Lock

With car thefts on the rise, having a gear lock can provide your car with added protection. A gear lock basically prevents anyone from changing gears, so unless someone has a key, they can’t drive away with your car.

gear lock

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