Drive Green – There’s too much pollution already!

With Delhi witnessing its most polluted day today, we thought it would a good idea to talk about eco-friendlier driving, a few small changes in our driving habits that can help us keep our city air a little bit cleaner.


Whether you see it as helping the environment, or just a good way to save fuel and money, here are some simple-to-follow tips on how to drive greener:

You can start right before you get in the car

  • Ensure that your car is serviced regularly so that it operates at its optimum efficiency level. Don’t forget to change the air filter and fuel filters at regular intervals.
  • Ensure that your tires are always properly inflated, as it reduces drag along the road.
  • For better fuel economy, remove all unnecessary weight from the trunk of your car, including your roof rack when not needed.
  • Plan your route before traveling to take the most direct route to your destination.

While driving

  • Practice safe driving and try to avoid sudden stops & accelerations.
  • While waiting for someone or while stuck in traffic, turn the engine off! Longer idling also leads to higher CO2 emission.


You do not necessarily have to own a hybrid to be a “green driver”. These simple tips can help reduce any driver’s carbon footprint.

To see just how good you are as a driver, download the CaRPM app and compare your driving skills against those of your friends. Track your car’s fuel economy, decode your Check Engine Light & do much more through CaRPM.

Share this with your fellow drivers and make your driving experience richer and greener!

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