6 things to do for your car before winter sets in!

However difficult it might be to believe, it’s already November! Winter’s Coming! If you haven’t done it already, there is still time to make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this year. Here are a few winter specific maintenance tips –

  1. Take your car in for a tune-up – A tune-up will help keep your car running longer and may save you money by detecting potential problems early.
  2. Check your battery – This is important because your car’s battery can be severely weakened by the cold. Aside from the battery itself, check the charging system, cables, terminals, fluid and belts.
  3. Check your engine oil – You should also get your car’s oil changed! Because of the cold temperatures, thinner oil is better for your engine. Make sure you check that the transmission, brake and coolants are filled to proper levels.
  4. Inspect your tires – Your tires are the last defense mechanism between you and the oak tree. Winter is not the time to get cheap about your tires, so take the time to check the tread depth. Also, be sure to check your tire pressure.
  5. Protect your windshield – Inspect your wipers to make sure they are able to completely clear your line of sight. Make sure your washer fluid is full, and keep extra fluid in hand for long trips.
  6. Keep an emergency kit in your car – Basic medication, toolkit, torch with extra batteries, jumper cables come handy incase of emergencies.

Although winter seems to be approaching fast, don’t let it catch you off guard! Install the CaRPM app to see how your car performs during this winter.

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