Car Insurance – Here’s how to buy!


car insurance

Car, your commuting wonder, is one of the possessions that make your life simpler. Hence, it deserves the best insurance so that when you drive, you drive carefree. Buying online insurance for your car may seem like an easy option but in the e-world you might feel stranded after seeing so many lucrative offers. Consider the following factors before purchase your insurance online:

  1. Compare car insurance online: Shopping around for auto insurance can pay you back- literally.
  2. Car insurance quote: Do check the details of the insurance quotes offered by various providers. The final car insurance quote must have the option of voluntary excess, personal accidental coverage, legal liability coverage, breakdown coverage and coverage for personal belongings /audio equipments.
  3. NCB benefit in car insurance renewal: No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount that is offered if you do not make any claim in the existing policy year helping you to avail discount on your next premium.
  4. Don’t Reduce – Raise: Choose add-on covers to ensure that a customized need based solution for your vehicle is put together, like personal accident cover for co-passengers.
  5. Get things handy: In case of an existing vehicle, keep your RC and previous policy papers handy to fill details, apart from your debit/credit card for online payment. In case of a new car, after booking the vehicle, obtain details like engine number and chassis number, etc. for purchasing an online policy.
  6. Provide the valid information: When buying online car insurance policies provide the valid information to avoid hassles at the time of claim.

Shop smart and do your research.


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