This is how you beat the odd-even scheme


Wondering how you’ll manage in the January cold without your car every alternate day? Below are a few tips to help you game the system:

  1. Work from home every alternate day– This rule gives you the perfect opportunity to do what you always wanted, laze around. If your boss says anything, ask him/her to pay for your cab ride.
  2. Stay in office– You won’t get a better chance than this to suck up to your boss while some folks follow Tip #1. Stay at office and spend some quality time with your boss.
  3. The name’s Bond, James Bond– Yup. Take a leaf out of Mr. Bond’s book and do this:
  4. Hide in the trunk of a lady’s car and save your hard-earned money. Totally non-creepy and won’t get you into trouble either*.*We take no guarantees as to what physical/mental/any other damage might follow.
  5. Keep calm & trust Nehru Place– The same place where your childhood computer was fixed every time. The wonderful folks there have started selling fake number plates to help car owners overcome the odd-even problem. If that’s not “seizing an opportunity”, we don’t know what is.
  6. Guys,buy a wig (maybe a couple of oranges?) and drive away. Hey, if Gutthi can do it, you can too.

If none of the above work or if you aren’t up for a dare, then visit and find yourself a commute partner for your daily travels.

Disclaimer: This is intended solely for entertainment purposes. Readers are advised to use their own discretion while commuting.




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