The Odd-Even Rule: 2 day report


Today is day 3 of the Odd-Even rule experiment. Although it is too soon to tell whether the rule has been a success or not, preliminary reports and data indicate a largely positive scenario.

According to the data released by the Delhi Government, there was an expected dip in the emissions as measured in air quality. The concentration of PM 10 and PM 2.5 had both dipped after day 1 as compared to the concentration last year on the same day.

Even on day 1, a dip of about 10% in concentration of pollutants as noticed between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

An important observation after day 2 has been that areas in Delhi-NCR that border Uttar Pradesh showed higher pollution statistics than areas in and around central Delhi.

In areas like Dyal Singh College and colonies like Kasturba Nagar, a particulate matter value of 149 micrograms per cubic meter was seen.However, in colonies like Patparganj in East Delhi, the levels crossed 500 micrograms per cubic meter.

After day 2, at an average, PM 2.5 kept around 250 micrograms per cubic meter whereas PM 10 was in the range of 149-503.

However, the biggest positive has been the enthusiasm and involvement that the Delhi junta has shown during this experiment. Only about 200 offenders were fined on day 1. A similar trend was seen on day 2.

Active participation of the public is a must for the experiment to reveal accurate results. And the attitude of the Delhi junta seems to be positive.

If you are looking for someone to commute with during the odd-even scheme, then please visit





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