Does Delhi really have the worst traffic?

Delhi has the most number of registered vehicles (as well as millions of unregistered ones) of all Indian metros. In fact, the rise in the number of vehicles in Delhi has been phenomenal.

Data indicates that vehicular emissions has been on the rise ever since, overtaking domestic and industrial air pollution.


(source: “Vehicular Pollution in India”, Smriti Chand)

However, if you look at the latest data of Numbeo, you will find that there are 3 Indian cities in the top 10 cities with the Worst Traffic Conditions in the World.

And Delhi is NOT one of them.

The ranking is based on a number of factors such as CO2 emissions, the average time spent by a commuter in traffic, estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction and overall inefficiencies in the traffic system among others.

The ranking includes various indices such as the Inefficiency Index, Time Index, Time Experience Index, Traffic Index, etc. which correspond to factors such as CO2 consumption due to traffic time, estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction and more.

Upon analysis of the report, one sees that Mumbai tops the list, along with Pune at 3rd position and Kolkata at 5th. According to the index, it takes a person an average of 66.18 minutes to reach his/her destination in Mumbai, 60.82 minutes in Pune and 58 minutes in Kolkata.

Other Indian cities feature on the list as well. Bangalore is in 19th place, Coimbatore in 21st, Delhi in 23rd, Hyderabad in 25th and Chennai in 49th.


Having 8 cities on the list, India finds itself in 13th place on a traffic index by country beaten by countries like Kenya, Russia and Philippines.

This is not to say that Delhi does not have a serious traffic congestion problem. But with wider roads, a system of flyovers and underpasses and metro connectivity, Delhi does not, contrary to popular belief, have the worst traffic conditions in India.


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