The checklist before your very own road trip

So you’ve packed your bags, called shotgun and set your sights at the destination.You know that it is going to be a long drive and your car might require some help along the way.


But what exactly must you be sure of besides fuel in the tank? Here’s a short checklist to go through before you leave for an adventure:

  1. Car health: Probably the most important aspect is to know your car’s health before you begin. This includes everything from simple maintenance to brakes, suspension and the secrets under the hood.
  2. Chart your ideal route: Use a good map to chart the optimal route, preferably one with rest stops and fuel/repair stations along the way. This adds safety as well as takes care of accidental breakdowns on the way.
  3. Make sure you’re carrying all you need: This includes jumper wires, a spare tire, car jack, wheel wrench and basic tools. Also, ensure that your spare tire isn’t punctured and has adequate air by measuring pressure.
  4. Designated drivers: Unless you’re driving alone, never drive for a long stretch yourself. Change drivers so that you can get some rest and minimize stoppage time. This also allows you to inspect the car after a few intervals and change plans accordingly.

While you’re driving, there are other things to keep in mind as well. Some of these are general, but they should be mentioned anyway:

  1. Clean mirrors and glasses regularly: Make sure the windshield and mirrors are clean at all times. A hack here would be to use a newspaper after cloth to clean the window since it leaves no marks.
  2. Night driving: Night driving isn’t easy and is only recommended on routes that you know very well. However, the engine heats up less and can give a better performance at night. But still, be careful while considering this point.
  3. Keep an eye on engine data: Keep an eye on the engine data, fuel level indicator, etc while you are driving to be able to know what to expect.
  4. Don’t over-fuel: Don’t fuel your car more than required since the fuel may spill over or a vacuum may be created which doesn’t allow the pump to suck the fuel.

And there you have it. Your very own travel checklist that ensures a safe and smooth ride. Hope you enjoy the experience that the road brings!! 

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