Double Battery, Single Power? :P

No, we aren’t taking a dig at bespectacled people, we are just talking about boring car batteries 😛


One of the worst things to face, when you own a car, is when the battery runs out unexpectedly. Not all cars have an indication when the battery is at low levels and usually, they run out before action can be taken.

So, it becomes important to get your car battery checked every time it goes for servicing right? Here’s the catch though. Most times, battery checks aren’t included in servicing and that means that your battery may give out without warning. There are a few signs that your battery is getting weaker.

  1. Problems with ignition
  2. Headlights seem dim at idle but get brighter when you rev the engine
  3. Inefficient cooling in the cabin

Massive use of the battery for air-conditioners, music systems, headlights, etc. can weaken it. Using these in the idle condition can further deteriorate the battery.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to maintain the health of your car battery:

  1. The most important thing is to actually drive the car occasionally. The alternator recharges your battery when it is being driven and this maintains battery charge.
  2. Frequent starting cycles with short run times drain the battery below the ideal charged specification. So avoid unnecessarily turning the car off.
  3. Periodically inspect the battery for shell cracks, fluid leaks, etc. Check the fluid level of the battery to ensure full fluid level.
  4. If charging a battery connected to a vehicle, be sure that the vehicle’s electrical system has protection against overvoltage or be sure that the charger will not have high-charging voltages that may damage the vehicle’s electrical system.
  5. Disconnect the connector from the negative terminal of your battery if you know the car will not be driven for two weeks or longer. This will help prevent a gradual loss of charge from powering the vehicle’s clock, and other passive electrical items.


However, the best tip for maintaining the battery is ensuring that it is regularly checked, the connections clean and free of rust and dirt and the car driven regularly. Follow these and you probably wouldn’t have any problems starting your car once again.





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