Parents key in Teen Driving

Parents play a critical role in influencing teen driving behavior. They are vital role models whose impact makes teens more receptive to learning and gaining useful experience.

It’s more than just good parenting; it’s a matter of life and death. Parents need to talk to their kids about traffic safety early and often – before they reach driving age.


Set the Standards

Talk to your teen about safety issues and the rules you are setting. Explain each rule and the possible consequences of breaking it. It is crucial that teens and parents are on the same page about driving rules and the dangers of the road.

Most importantly, your kids look at you while you drive so make sure you follow the rules as well.

Practice Makes Perfect


Parents need to make sure that their teens get an ample amount of driving practice in as many situations and conditions as possible. This in turn will help them develop the necessary skills and experience that all young drivers need behind the wheel.

Share your wisdom

Share stories, experiences, and things that have happened to you that will shed some light on certain situations.

Spell out the rules

The Car

  1. The car you choose should have a driver’s side airbag and a good safety rating.
  2. Good car care: refuelling when needed, oil changes, tire pressure, and regular maintenance. Also, keeping the car free of clutter and trash.


  1. Always obey the speed limit and traffic laws, and always wear seat belts. Make sure passengers are buckled up as well.
  2. Let you know where they are coming and going.
  3. Never use cell phones while driving.
  4. Never engage in drinking or drug use.
  5. Have a realistic curfew. Night driving is especially difficult for a new driver.


9 Tips to keep you & your car safe during Monsoon

How to drive in the rainy season

Monsoon is here. Yay! But the rainy season means slippery roads and reduced visibility. We need to to be extra cautious while on the road and these a few precautions to ensure each other’s safety:

  1. Do not drive at high speeds on wet roads. If, by any chance you have to brake hard, your car will might slip and spin out of control.
  2. Avoid braking hard, rapidly accelerating or taking rash turns.
  3. Maintain adequate distance between you & the vehicle in front of you.
  4. Ensure that your car’s headlights, tail lamps, turn signal lights, brake lights are all in good working condition.
  5. Do not hesitate to turn on your Emergency lights in case of reduced visibility during rains.
  6. Always keep your headlights on so that you are visible to the vehicles nearby.
  7. Ensure that the front and rear wipers work properly. You don’t want to reduce your visibility even further.
  8. Invest in good quality tyres that can hold up on wet surfaces. Maintain your car’s tyres regularly to avoid mishaps.
  9. In case of a spin, lightly apply the brakes and steer in the direction of the skid, push down the clutch and let the car slow down on its own.

Lastly, enjoy the lovely weather, have fun while driving & stay safe!